Island Living June 27, 2022

I Love the Water Taxis

When I started real estate in 1988, we only had small planes to provide us with transportation between the islands. San Juan Airlines was very busy and provided great service! In the early 1990’s, we got the Can Do….a small 6 passenger boat operating out of Anacortes once or twice a day, weather dependent. Now, we have two great companies that have boats on the water all day long. Often, there are at least 6 options daily for catching a west-bound boat! I love it!!

I’m often asked, “how do you get things to the island?”

Dock loaded with items to be loaded onto water taxi

Paraclete Charters ready to be loaded up with camp gear

As this picture shows, the water taxis are used a lot, by all of us, for carrying our basic necessities back and forth from the mainland.  I’ve seen golf carts, lawn mowers, appliances, mattresses, woodstoves, gas cans, building materials, hay, groceries and more stacked on the bow of the boat. The crew of Paraclete Charters and Island Express Charters are AWESOME and so helpful!! Without the water taxis, many of us wouldn’t be able to enjoy the lifestyle of the non-ferry served islands as we do now.

Island Express arriving at Decatur Island

Island Express Charters arriving at Decatur Island