Cypress Island

Located just a short boat ride from Anacortes, Cypress Island is a world unto itself….

Ask people who know the islands well what their favorite place is and you’ll hear over and over…Cypress Island! Many adults in the area remember visiting the island as children with their parents. All have wonderful stories of fish dinners on the beach and days spent hiking and exploring…

The small community at Strawberry Bay hosts the majority of the island’s residents as a large portion of the island is now owned and managed by the Washington Department of Natural Resources and no longer available for future development. Freshwater lakes in the center of the island offer a wonderful destination for hikers. Many kayakers and boaters enjoy the waterfront parks located on the east side of the island, where DNR has installed mooring buoys and picnic tables to make boat camping fun and easy.

Because of its unique nature, the island stays peaceful and unspoiled and is truly a forested wilderness that’s perfect for all ages.

Homes on Cypress Island are totally “off the grid” and residents primarily use propane and solar panels for power. The Strawberry Bay community has a developed water system but the owners of properties in other areas of the island have private wells.

Travel to the island is by private boat only and two water taxi companies travel often from Skyline Marina on Fidalgo Island. A direct trip is typically a 15 minute boat ride and many people love the convenience of that easy transportation option.

Information about the island, including maps of hiking trails and a copy of the comprehensive plan is available at the DNR website.