Horse Resources in San Juan Islands

For horse lovers only….


As a young girl, I was horse crazy and I guess to a certain degree, I still am. The islands offer the perfect, magical environment for raising horses and I’m fortunate to have three of my own. Our challenges are unique but the rewards are great!

There are a number of excellent trainers and facilities in San Juan County and the county fair in August often showcases some of the best young equestrians. It is for those that love horses and want to find local horse events and resources, that I’ve created this page. Please feel free to contact me if you have something you’d like me to add.

If you’re looking for a horse property, my daughter Morgan and I would love to help you and your 4-legged friend (s) the perfect spot. 


When it comes to moving horses between the islands, we sometimes need to get pretty creative. Here are some pictures showing my horse, Jet, getting a boat ride between Center Island and Decatur.

Resources for Horse Lovers:

Cool Barns and Outbuildings –

Local Horse Events –

Free Horse Farm –

Northwest Natural Horsemanship Center –

National Property Search for Horse Ranches –

Horse-Related Links –

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