Center Island

Looking for a fun community for a 2nd home?

Center Island may be it! 

Imagine a beautiful little island, only a 30 minute boat ride from the “mainland”, with no automobiles; and as long as you’re imagining….add picturesque beaches and trails, a private marina and airstrip, fun clubhouse, waterfront picnic areas and year-round caretakers. Center Island offers an incredible island lifestyle for all ages….

Located between Lopez and Decatur Islands, in north Puget Sound, Washington; this 115 acre island is truly an oasis….a place to relax and enjoy all that the islands have to offer. The community is divided into 1/2 acre parcels, with beautiful little lanes winding through the fir and cedar trees and picturesque trails for exploring.

Arriving by air, the island is a short 6 minute flight from Anacortes and offers a well-maintained 1600’ airstrip.


Two Deep-Water Docks

Boaters really enjoy having easy access to the water and the Center Island marina offers just that.With two main floats and numerous side slips, the docks are rarely full. Boats 24’ or smaller can stay for up to 10 days and larger boats can use dock for loading/unloading and anchor in the bay or tie up to their own mooring buoy.

Approaching the island by boat, you can see the caretaker’s home and the community clubhouse. An easy-to-use boat ramp is located next to the pier and there are numerous areas for small boat storage. An area is provided for larger boat storage above the picnic tables and sports court.

One of the nicest aspects of island living is exploring the local area and Center Island has a number of nice areas for walking or launching a kayak. Across the bay, The San Juan Preservation Trust manages a beautiful property, on the tip of Decatur Island, that’s an easy paddle away…

Community Beach

Beautiful Views

Charming cabins seem to be the housing choice for most of the residents who come to the island to enjoy a 2nd home. The lifestyle is relaxed but in no way socially isolated. Because the island is small, and the main transportation is golf cart or walking, there are many opportunities to meet neighbors and impromptu meals and gatherings occur often.



Club house has a large “Great Room” plus a separate office with computer, fax machine and WiFi internet access. Board games are available along with comfortable chairs for reading. For members who are still developing their property, the shower, restrooms, ice-maker and laundry come in very handy!

The community clubhouse is a gathering spot for 4th of July BBQ and a Thanksgiving dinner and it can also be reserved by members who are wanting to host a special event and utilize the large kitchen and dining area. During the summer months, people are always stopping by to check their email, rent one of the community vehicles, use the laundry facilities or shower, pick up some ice or sit on the large covered porch and visit.


 Private Air Strip

Pilots enjoy the easy access to the island by air and in a quick 10 minute ride, they can be in Friday Harbor or Eastsound for lunch.


How do I get to the island if I don’t have a boat or plane?

There are two water taxi companies that operate out of Skyline Marina in Anacortes and often make at least two or more trips a day to the island.

Why would I choose an island that doesn’t have ferry service?

Most of the people who like the non-ferry served islands, love the fact there is no tourism so there is a real sense of “community” and safety. Many love the unique interaction you can get with nature when you don’t have cars and busy roads to deal with. It’s a healthy lifestyle and you’re often challenged in ways that don’t happen in the city. Not to mention….lots of fresh crab!

What do you do about garbage?

Each person is responsible for disposing of their own garbage. There are dumpsters at the marinas in Anacortes so most people try to recycle as much as possible so they only need to take a small bag off the island when they leave.

How easy is it to go to another island if you want to go out to lunch or shop?

Many residents have a small boat that they can take to the county dock at Hunter Bay on Lopez Island. They leave a car there in the county parking lot and go to Lopez Village or to the ferry landing; where they might go as a “walk on” to Friday Harbor for lunch or shopping.

How do you get bigger items like golf carts or building materials to the island?

There are a number of barge companies that service the island. Island Transporter in Anacortes is often used but other options are available. In addition, both of the water taxi companies can transport freight and Island Express can even move golf carts…

Are there any contractors on the island to do building projects, install utilities or do land clearing?

Yes, there are a couple of local contractors that are excellent and can help you with most type of projects.

Is there power, phone and internet service on the island?

Yes, all utilities are buried so no ugly overhead lines anywhere. High-speed internet is available by DSL or WiFi depending on your location. Most areas of the island have good cell coverage.


Center Island Homes for Sale


Transportation Options:

Paraclete Charters

Island Express Charters

San Juan Airlines

Point 2 Point Air


If this sounds like your kind of place, give me a call….I’d love to show you around!