Ferry Served Islands

The Washington state ferry systems service four islands from the Anacortes landing:

Orcas, San Juan, Shaw, and Lopez


Washington State Ferry with Mount Baker in the background

The San Juan Islands are located about 70 miles north of Seattle with four ferry-served islands and many more that are only accessed by water taxi or private vessels.

The islands have a colorful history that goes back to the 1800's.  Currently, a major vacation and 2nd home destination for Pacific Northwest residents, who love the scenic beauty, boating, hiking opportunities and laid-back lifestyle.  The islands also host visitors from all over the world.

So which are the ferry-served islands?

Meet the Islands

Orcas Landing View from the Orcas Hotel

Orcas Island
The largest island with the most diverse topography

San Juan Island
This island is the last stop on the ferry and the home of Friday Harbor

Little red schoolhouse on Shaw Island

Shaw Island
The smallest of the islands, Shaw has a small general store and a county park

Overlooking the beach on a sunny day

Lopez Island
The first stop on the ferries, Lopez is know for its agriculture and bike-ability

We work throughout San Juan County, so if you're considering making the move to a ferry-served island, we would love to help you!