Island LivingUncategorized October 11, 2021

Modular/Prefab Construction for Island Properties

Imagine some fun cabin like this on your island property…


One of the things that seems most daunting to buyers of unimproved properties in the islands is trying to envision the actual building process.

  • How long will it take?

  • Who does that kind of work in the islands?

  • Is it going to cost me a lot?

  • What is the permit process?

  • Where do I begin?

The home above was built in a parking lot in Seattle and brought up to Anacortes on a semi-truck and put on a barge and taken to Decatur Island. Per the owner’s design it was built in three parts, with two bedroom units and main living/dining space. Each building has it’s own deck and a central deck across the back links them all together….very fun!

As a former co-owner of an island construction company, I understand what you might be going through, thinking about building something from scratch on a bare piece of ground. I did it and my daughters are currently doing their own building projects but it’s not for the “faint of heart”. That’s why I’m really intrigued and excited about some of the modular/prefab home companies that are designing fresh and innovative home solutions. Making the decision about what you want in your home, and where you want it to sit on your property are the fun parts of the building process. Once you make those choices, wouldn’t it be nice to put in your order and wait for it to be delivered?

Yes, you will need to hire someone to prepare your site and bring in the utilities but that can be done while your home is being built in some dry warehouse where weather isn’t a factor.

If this sounds like something you’d like to explore further, check out some of these companies. There are more like these out there, at all price points and some will even take your design and build the modular from it.

Happy imagining!