Island LivingUncategorized May 26, 2022

Coastal Grandma

 I’ve just found out I’m a “coastal grandma”! 

Who knew such a thing exists? My kids announced to me last weekend, that I was doing it…

Yep, it seems that the style icons have come up with a new label and decorative style called the “Coastal Grandma Style.” I find it hilarious to think that the way I dress and live is now the “in” thing.

So, what is the Coastal Grandma Style you ask?

It sounds like if you like wearing hats in the summer, sporting linen or cotton clothing, enjoy playing in the garden and drinking coffee in the sunshine on your porch; you’re doing it! I never knew being stylish could be so easy! Cooking and eating healthy food, having fresh flowers in the house and the occasional glass of wine with friends also fits into the stereotype.

They use Diane Keaton in “Somethings Gotta Give” as an example of this style or Meryl Streep in “Its Complicated” so I guess, if you’re like me, we’re in pretty good company. I think I’m more of the Pacific NW rustic island version. At least this spring I am! It’s been way too cool to sport much light-weight linen and with three horses and a dog, I can’t get away with wearing white clothing.

I guess for now I’m just going to bask in glory of being on trend for the first time in my life! If you’re looking for a couple of style-conscious real estate agents, give Morgan and I a call!

Sarah as coastal grandma