Island Living November 21, 2022

Sunday Musings….

If trees could talk, what would they say? I often wonder that when I’m out on my walk and see them looking at me.

Do they enjoy watching us live our lives in their midst? Do they fear our interference? Are they pleased to sacrifice themselves so we can build homes that we love?


Years ago, a carpenter I know pointed out the faces he could see in the wood he was using to create cabinets. Once I saw them, I realized they were everywhere, as well as other symbols. In my bedroom, I have a perfect heart over my window. It speaks to me of love and really like that!


This cluster of trees is on Center Island and every time I walk by them, I wonder if they are OK with their obvious irregularity, or do they take pride in the fact they’re different? I like to think they like being unique. Scientists don’t know what causes trees to form burls so it’s interesting to find them in a cluster like this. I like imagining that they are a group of girls giggling at me as I walk by.

Cluster of trees covered in burls

Trees are valuable to us in so many ways! I feel very blessed to live where I am so often surrounded by these noble firs, alders, madronas and cedars!

Their wisdom may be something I can learn from. Possibly they’re just like us, a little imperfect, vulnerable, struggling to adapt and often perplexed by the world that’s quickly changing around them…

Perplexed tree