Uncategorized January 12, 2012

What will the new year bring?

As we start into the new year, after all the excitement of the holiday, some of us have resolutions in hand for 2012 and others are just trying to finish up the last of the sugar cookies so they can quit feeling guilty on a daily basis.  As for me, I started walking.  I go out every day and try to let go of all the questions about  the economy, presidential elections, obscure Facebook posts and wonderings about how I can spend so much time on the computer, and not accomplish much; vanish for a little while.

This morning, I had a wonderful treat.  I think spring is going to come early this year because the eagles are out in their full glory, and today I got the chance to watch a couple at play right on the trail ahead of me.  They were swooping and calling until the female flew off and left her majestic suitor sitting in the tree above me.  He was incredible!  He looked down on me with what seemed to be total disdain and called to her to rejoin him.  She didn’t and I moved on, grateful for a brief moment in nature to remind me of why I live in this beautiful place.

I don’t know what 2012 will bring so I’m going to just take each day as it comes and cherish the moments of glory and try to endure the moments of challenge.  That’s really all we can do anyway, isn’t it?  As my step father used to say, “It’s a great life, if you just don’t weaken”.  He lived each day fully until he died at 76.  His last words to my mother were, “I want to tell you all about my wonderful day, but I’m just too tired so I’m going to go to bed.”  I hope my last words are the same.

Walking the beach on Decatur Island