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Double the Service

I am so excited to announce that my daughter, Morgan, is joining me in my real estate business!
Early on, I was impressed by how much Morgan seemed to enjoy real estate. Regularly monitoring the market to question me about new listings and bringing special properties to my attention, she was a real estate “shopaholic” and I thought, “this girl is missing her calling”! In late 2021 she got her real estate license and in March joined my team. She brings to the business the element of youth, social media savvy and incredible knowledge of the local area!
Morgan grew up on Decatur Island, going to the one-room school before transferring to Anacortes High School and then on the University of Washington, graduating with a degree in Resource Management. In her mid-twenties she bought her first house in Tucson before moving to Burlington, WA and buying her second home with her partner.  Four years ago, they added a third property….5 undeveloped acres on Decatur Island. With a lot of sweat equity and a little Bobcat, they are clearing the land and creating a sweet homestead to enjoy on the weekends.

Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, develop a piece of vacant land, buy or sell island property or “in town” residential: Morgan and I can help you! We are also very knowledgeable about rural and equestrian properties so give us a call if you’re looking for a good team to help you with all of your real estate needs!