Home Buying February 7, 2023

Should I Jump In or Wait?

Is this a good time to be a Buyer?

YES, we feel it is.

Why do we say that?

Because inventory is twice as high as it was a year ago and there are fewer buyers at this time of year. You have a much better chance of negotiating a good price and potentially better terms.

This graph shows the current market in Skagit County compared to a year ago…



You may feel that you need to wait until interest rates drop. Many buyers are choosing to do the same thing. Waiting may get you a better interest rate but the more buyers competing for the existing inventory, the higher the prices will go. You may save on interest but pay more for your property.

Sometimes it’s smarter to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. Many lenders are offering low-cost refinancing options to encourage buyers to go ahead and buy now and re-finance in a year or so when rates potentially drop.

We’d love to discuss your options with you! Give us a call….